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Alatna Valley McMurdo Dry Valleys AntarcticaAntarctic animal: McMurdo Dry Valleys ventifactAntarctic hairgrass at Biscoe Point Anvers Island AntarcticaCoast of Northwest White Island and Ross Ice Shelf with Mount Erebus in distance Ross Island AntarcticaCommonwealth Glacier Taylor Valley McMurdo Dry Valleys AntarcticaCrevasse patterns in glacier Kinnear Mountains Antarctic Peninsula from airDon Juan Pond, South Fork, Wright Valley, 2009Frost polygons of patterned ground high above Wright Valley McMurdo Dry Valleys Victoria Land AntarcticaGlacier and mountains from the air over northern Victoria Land Ross Sea AntarcticaGlacier in The Gullet from HMS EnduranceGlacier on Adelaide Island Marguerite Bay Antarctic Peninsula

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