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Water conduit at Huinay Huanya on Inca Trail near MachupicchuCarved stone on Inca Trail near Intipunku Gate of the Sun and Machupicchu PeruIntihuatana Principal Temple Sacred Plaza Temple of 3 Windows Machupicchu PeruMachupicchu and Huayna PicchuMachupicchu residential sector of ruinGuide explains ceremonial feature at Machupicchu PeruTwo niches in stone wall at Machupicchu ruinIntihuatana Hitching post of the sun for telling time of year with Huayna Picchu behind Machupicchu PeruFinely crafted stone wall at Machupicchu PeruLooking across central plaza to residential sector of Machupicchu PeruStaircase carved in stone near Royal Tomb Machupicchu PeruArch doorways in residential sector of Machupicchu PeruHuayna Picchu through arch doorway in residential sector of Machupicchu PeruStone altar and mountain rainforest Urubamba Valley Machupicchu PeruSolitary flower in finely crafted stonework of wall at Machupicchu PeruCeremonial altar carved in stone at Machupicchu PeruStone doorway Machupicchu PeruStone doorway and staircase Machupicchu PeruTemple of the Sun Inca ruin at Machupicchu Peru

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